About Teccelerators

Teccelerators is a business and technology consulting company that provides a synchronized combination of business strategy consulting, IT strategy support, interim management and project execution capabilities to clients across manufacturing and distribution industries.

We are an unbiased third party resource and specialize in getting the business systems “just right” for the particular situation a company faces. In doing so, we are focused on the intersection of business and technology because this is where most things tend go wrong when organizations embark on critical system implementation and improvement efforts.

By adding the right mix of interim leadership and project execution support to a well drafted and aligned business/technology strategy, our clients can seize opportunities quickly without incurring long-term personnel expense.

We collaborate with customers on every step of the system adoption path from strategy definition through individual program launches to system roll-outs. We can provide just the right balance of analysis, hands-on leadership, and project execution to accelerate value delivery, sustain business continuity, avoid costly mistakes and focus innovation towards areas where it really matters.

We bring decades of industry experience and have delivered on many successful client engagements around the world. Today, we serve customers primarily in North America across several industries, including: distribution, consumer goods, fashion, food & beverage, high tech, industrial equipment and heavy equipment.

How We Are Different