Kärcher is a German company and a global leader in cleaning equipment. The brand is a household name around the world – except in the USA. Here, the history of the cleaning equipment market is different. Kärcher North America is the result of many acquisitions of smaller equipment manufacturers, each with their own brand presence. The North American business has worked hard to consolidate these brands and product lines while increasingly bringing the Kärcher name to the forefront of its market positioning.

In doing so, the integration challenges have been significant involving widespread complexity across all business functions ranging from supporting multiple dealer networks and many web sites to product portfolio proliferation and inventory challenges.

Kärcher is an innovator and leader in the cleaning equipment industry. The core focus has always been on product innovation. However, innovations utilizing technology and the Internet to run the business better and improve the customer experience have not received the same attention in the past. The company decided that under the strategic theme “Internet,” they would take a fresh look at technology and Internet-driven opportunities to enhance processes and experiences. They decided to engage Teccelerators for this business and technology discovery assessment.



This assessment was research centric. To clearly understand the market drivers and business strategies of the company, the key stakeholders were interviewed and both quantitative and qualitative input gathered. This included gathering metrics on web site traffic, channel order volume data and successful internal brand-specific technology capabilities. A secondary research and benchmarking effort followed. Looking both within the industry and outside, applicable benchmarks were identified – some quite surprising with applicable learnings and best practices drawn from the furniture industry, high tech, retail an automotive.

Many improvement and innovation opportunities were identified. Working together with the key Kärcher stakeholders, these opportunities were then reviewed and prioritized creating great energy for the move forward plan.

“Teccelerators brought world-class research capabilities and a “business first” approach that resonated with our executive team. We gained the buy-in and support, ensuring we could move forward aligned with our business goals and strategy.”

– VP of IT and Business PMO, Kärcher North America


Following the assessment, Kärcher and Teccelerators immediately moved forward on four of the identified top-priority opportunities. These transformative projects were designed to create competitive advantage for the company by utilizing new technology. The specific results achieved with these initiatives are not for public sharing.