Business Consulting Services

Teccelerators collaborate with customers on every step of the path of system adoption from strategy definition through individual program launches to system roll-outs. We provide a synchronized combination of business strategy consulting, IT strategy support, interim management and project execution capabilities.

We work with our clients to tailor engagements that suit the specific objectives, challenges and constraints of the client. While we provide a broad set of resources and tools, our client engagements typically start with either a Diagnostic Value Assessment or a business-driven assessment focused on one of the following areas:

Business Systems Strategy & Roadmap Development

Achieve optimal strategic alignment between the business and technology to dramatically improve the return on system investments and IT while enabling faster change.

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Benchmarking & Business Case Development

Provides the business analytics and benchmarks needed to build a well-articulated case for new enterprise software investments with credible tangible ROI expectations.

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Solution Scoping, Software Selection, Program Launch

ERP, CRM, e-Commerce or supply chain system scope definition, vendor selection and mobilization for successful program launch.

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Program Auditing & Recovery

Uncovers root issues and identifies a path to recover business system implementation failures and keeps programs on target.

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Business & Technology Opportunity Discovery

Identifies new disruptive technology solutions and focuses innovation towards where it really matters.

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IT Spend Reduction

Identification, allocation and quantification of IT spend and alignment of business priorities vs. cost reduction targets.

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