Benchmarking & Business Case Development

Conducting this assessment before embarking on an ERP or supply chain system implementation or upgrade increases the likelihood of success. Without well-defined targets for implementation programs, there is simply no baseline to measure and hold the implementation team accountable towards, nor are there clear business metrics in place to guide critical scope and solution architecture decisions.

Beyond clear insight on business priorities, targeted business analytics and metrics are needed to paint the picture of current performance. Best practices and benchmarks are valuable but only if they are real, applicable and credible. A business value perspective must always be balanced against scope, risk, urgency and cost/resource constraints to be valuable for effective system implementation program mobilization.

Defining the scope and ROI expectations are key but getting the buy-in is as important. Without building the credibility needed to get the buy-in, the team and organization will not get on-board. Companies repeatedly lean on the front-runner ERP vendor or System Integrator to conduct this study. We believe a better way is to engage someone unbiased.