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The typical manufacturer or distributor is not a leading innovator. If they are, the focus is typically on product innovation. With some frequency, all companies should assess where they are in their ability to innovate to improve operations and the customer experience. Consider that the opportunities to out-perform the competition by aggressively developing and implementing new disruptive Internet technologies may be greatest in industries that lag in technology spend and adoption.

Leveraging our business strategy consulting experience as well as our best practice and technology research capability we are perfectly suited for this unbiased study. Steering clear of hype, we bring the methodology and capabilities needed to be able to focus innovation towards where it really matters for an organization. We gather both qualitative and quantitative input on our client’s business. Primary and secondary research is conducted looking for relevant best practices, benchmarks and innovations within the company, among industry peers as well as across industries. Then we continue to work with our client to review, prioritize and build momentum for implementation of new solutions.

These are very exciting projects and the outcome is often surprising to the business. They are also a great way to stimulate business-driven IT transformation.

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