Program Auditing & Recovery

SAP Failure, ERP Implementation Failure & More

Unfortunately, the experience of an SAP failure is common. We can read about some cases in the newspapers but, of course, most ERP implementation failures never make the headlines. Beyond a project that is cancelled all together, symptoms of a failing business systems implementation include: delays, significant budget overruns, scope compromises, user adoption issues, data gaps, firing of the system integrator, rotation of key project resources, etc.

Regardless of how late or how painful, if an implementation is failing and a reset is necessary, it makes sense to get help with an independent unbiased perspective to pinpoint what is wrong beyond the common symptoms and outline a path for recovery. We provide this audit and recovery service.

In addition, more mature implementations that are progressing well are always at risk of not hitting target. In these cases we also offer a value realization audit to help the organization keep the program on track. We do this both in cases when a business case was outline pre-implementation as well as in cases when the financial target metrics have yet to be defined.