Solution Scoping, Software Selection & Program Launch

Software Selection, Vendor Selection & More

The key here is to be forward looking in identifying and articulating truly critical and unique business requirements and map these against what we know standardized off-the-shelf business systems will be challenged by. We focus this process on industry-specific context for what is difficult, and on getting consensus on this perspective, because it is what makes (or should make) the difference in software selection. Biased or unbiased, this is where most other consultancies fall short exposing their clients to unnecessary risks, surprises in implementation and incremental costs.

With our long research background in business systems the challenge is seldom to identify the list of viable potential vendors. Instead, following the development of a clear and well-directed requirements view, we work to prepare and facilitate the process of an inclusive unbiased vendor selection of both software and services. Throughout the vendor selection process, we also continue to guide our client on contract negotiation, resource allocation, recruiting, budgeting, program set-up, education and on-boarding of resources for a successful implementation program launch.

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