How We Are Different

Teccelerators is focused on the intersection of business and technology and bring a unique combination of research/benchmarking skills and content as well as hands-on real-world experience implementing leading ERP, CRM and supply chain systems.

We have always worked on the intersection of business and technology because we know this is where so many organizations break down and need help. We speak both the language of business and the language of IT. Admittedly, we are propeller heads, but we work very well with people, across all levels of an organization, across domains and in both domestic and international settings. We like change and we help our clients navigate through change.

We are specialists at quickly cutting through hype, complexity, politics, and other barriers to pinpoint the real root causes of problems and then define solutions that reflect what is practical and reasonable at given investment levels.

We have a foundation of skills in developing methodology, content frameworks and client engagement models gained from working with world-leading consulting and analyst organizations. We never propose off-the-shelf programs as customized solutions. Rather, we tailor our services for clients to approach delivery in the best possible way for their specific needs and constraints.

Further, we are solution agnostic and our advice is always unbiased. We search for facts, analyze and bring applicable benchmarks. We collaborate and execute initiatives together with our clients. We are always focused on helping our clients win in their market.

As a result, we are better at delivering tangible value to customers faster and at lower cost than our competition.