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Enterprise Architecture Consulting & More

Manufacturers and distributors face relentless pressure to stay ahead of the competition. Whether the issue at hand is operational inefficiencies, poor customer service, inability to innovate, rapid growth, (or other), a common need is to run the company better by improving the business systems. This is what we help our customers with: truly business-driven enterprise architecture consulting. We specifically focus on the intersection of business and technology because we have learned that this is where things tend to go wrong. There are many reasons for this.

Explore the typical issues on the intersection of business and technology. Where are your biggest issues? What is holding back your organization today?

Navigating Growth & Corporate Transitions

High growth, new market expansion, acquisition and other corporate transitions require strategic change and well orchestrated execution.

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Pending Systems & IT Investments

Mobilizing “right” for a new high-risk high-cost systems initiative is as important as executing effectively on the implementation itself.

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Increasingly Complex Systems & Integrations

Proliferated, disconnected systems make the organization stale and limit business performance.

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Impending or Dysfunctional Partnerships

Over-promising, over-charging, under-delivering, or biased solution vendors get in the way of real progress at great expense.

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Misalignment Between Business & IT

Business and IT people do speak different languages and there is never enough focus on translation.

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Failing Projects & Waste of Resources

Fixing broken system implementations comes at much greater pain and cost than getting it right from the beginning.

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